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Home Office Furniture Solutions Are a Speciality with Ashley!

You're chuffed.No more sitting in traffic!You've chucked your time-eating, stressful commute for the wonderful experience of working from home amidst your favourite people and surroundings.Or maybe your household is long overdue for a kitchen command center, or you need a study nook to keep the kids focused on their lessons rather than the television.Whatever yourhome office furniture requirements,Ashley Furniture Homestore is on them with lovely, ergonomically sound solutions that won't cost you too many rands.Here are some waysour Kosmodal Centurion, Gauteng store will help you economise.

Writing Desks Great and Small

Home office desks tend to be smaller in the Internet age.Hardware that filled a room as recently as 20 years ago now seems from the Jurassic era!All you need is a place to park your laptop so you can type away comfortably, whether you are drafting a grant proposal or balancing the books.

Our lovely midsizehome office desk features tapered legs and a very dark grey finish with brushed-nickel knobs adding an air of sophistication.If you still have a desk computer, you can place its keyboard on a rollout tray.Best of all, whilst the drawers appear symmetrical, the knobs on the left actually open a deep file cabinet.

Ashley's smallerleg desk likewise has a keyboard tray and measures just under 122 cm wide, ideal for home offices with challenging floor space.

Maximize Your Workstation's Comfort in a Swivel Desk Chair

You can't be productive if you're not comfortable.Your mum was right;posture matters.At your service is one of our favoriteswivel office chairs .This model is vintage-inspired with aged faux leather upholstery, a wire-brushed detailed finish, a steady wooden base on casters, and, most important, back support.

Home Office Shelves: A Fine Storage Solution

Even in the Web era you find you still need storage space for essential books and equipment.Our six-shelfhome office bookcase ably handles the task and its dark finish complements your otherhome office furniture perfectly.

You don't just have to take our word for it.  For the most affordable, high-end home office furniture, do stop by our Kosmodal Centurion, Gauteng Ashley Home Furniture store.